Y5 Letters and Communication


Dear nearly new Year 6 Families,

In the first week of the new term, Year 6 will be jumping straight into a Design and Technology unit of work where the children will be designing and making their own pencil cases. Although we have plenty of material in school that they can use for this, we thought we would give children the opportunity to bring in material from home, if they have any.

The types of materials that would work are hardwearing, such as denim or polyester cotton. Re-using clothes they have grown out of is ideal or maybe an old unwanted pillow case or duvet cover as these would be used as the lining. The materials we cannot use would be t-shirt/jersey material, anything slippery or shiny and material with logos/brand names on.

The size of material we need to accommodate several styles of pencil case is 30 x 50 cm as this will enable us to make it big enough to hold their stationery. The material they use could be one piece or a couple of smaller pieces patched together to make a patchwork. Similarly, if your child can knit or crochet, then a piece of the same dimensions would be fine as we would then line it.

All material for the pencil case must be brought in the first week of term.

If you do not have any spare material at home, then please do not buy anything! We can supply material to those who do not bring any in.

Thank you,

Miss French, Miss Ray and Mrs Nash