Wildlife Trust HIWWT

In the academic year 2021/2, Wicor entered a unique and innovative partnership with the HIWWT and this continues into the 2024 - 25 academic year.  This has enabled us to use the expertise of Trust staff and volunteers in helping to teach the children about natural history.  The Trust focuses its time with different classes each year but assists more widely by creating teaching resources and holding Wicor-only open days on its reserves. In return, the school has chosen the Trust as its charity for fund-rising efforts.   

Calendar Blog

In June 2023, Y1 worked with HIWWT to set up a moth trap and record what we found on irecord (https://irecord.org.uk/). This work contributes to the national database once approved. See what we found below:

Moths on 21st June 2023

Wicor Host's Gardening Training

In April 2024 and April 2023, Wicor hosted bookable training sessions for others working in a school setting. The day course taught skills and knowledge on simple garden techniques and understanding how wildlife gardening can be achieved in school. The training was provided by HIWWT.

Milton Locks

Milton Locks nature reserve organised by HIWWT is open just for Wicor families on September 9th 2023, £5. This is a fabulous family event where you can be guided by experts in a special reserve next to the sea but also surrounded by grasses perfect for hunting down those crickets, grasshoppers and many other creatures that might reside there. Book here: