School Staff

Wicor Primary School Staffing Structure 2023/4


Head Teacher / DSL

Mark Wildman

Assistant Headteacher – Quality of Teaching & Pedagogy / Deputy DSL

Alison Nash

Assistant Headteacher – Inclusion / SENCo / Deputy DSL

Claire Mapp

Subject Co-ordinators 

Laura Wareham (English)

Alison Nash (Maths, Science)

 Gemma Sills (Computing)







Tamzin Napier (PE and Residential Visits/Trips)


Claire Mapp (PSHE)

Class Teachers

Year 6 6F Liz French 6RN Danielle Ray/ Alison Nash

Year 5 5C Laraine Corser 5M Laura Moorhouse

Year 4 4V Kate Voisey and 4W Christina Williams

Year 3 3W Laura Wareham and 3N Tamzin Napier

Year 2 2K Claire Kimber 2M Emma Murch/Claire Mapp

Year 1 1MW Leigh Madden / Holly Wright 1M Lauren McLean

Year R RH Rosie Harvey RW Reanne Wrigley


Additional Teachers

Emily Cawthorne, Sarah Clark, Deborah Gatland, Gemma Sills, Heidi Worthy


Home School Link Worker / Deputy DSL

Alison Ryan


Library Manager

Alison Richardson


 Environmental Learning Assistant

Louise Moreton


Learning Support Assistants

Jack Brignall, Michelle Clancy, Suzy Gage, Katy Hofmann, Jane Hughes, Tina Hurst, Donna Jenkins, Donna Jeynes, Melanie Malone Beccy Morgan, Kirsty Murphy, Allison Parker, Shirley Pattison, Angie Turp


Business Manager

Amanda Fuller


Senior Admin Officer

Sarah Blackman


Admin Assistant

Sheryl Howes and Mrs Mellissa Harrop

Lunchtime Supervisors

 Kay Gray, Maureen Grimwood-Smith, Belinda Lawrence, Deborah Powell 

Extended Day Staff

 Sherren Corser, Belinda Lawrence