We want the children to play an active part in choosing charities which charities our school will support and we want them to be closely involved with the charities they have chosen.


We want to focus on three areas of charity work which we believe are relevant to the lives and interests of our children, specifically charities that; support environment/wildlife, are local and support children.


Previous charities we supported in the past:



Over the course of the year we hold a series of fundraising events for charities and year groups and classes sometimes choose their own charities to support. The children learn in more detail about the work of the charities and meet workers and people associated with them. Charity workers are invited to a school assembly to share with the children the work their charity does. Classes can find out more about the chosen charities and this can be linked into the curriculum at times throughout the year. Our aim is that the children will be engaged in a more hands on, informed approach to charity work and see it as more than a chance to ‘dress up’.