Learning about the work charities do is an important aspect of the children’s broader education.  Charities are often able to provide a powerful window on issues and problems that impact adversely on people’s lives, on communities or on the environment.  When charity workers talk about the work they do, they provide first-hand accounts that give children valuable insights into the problems they are dealing with and which can help develop a sense of empathy in the children. 

At Wicor, we have supported many charities over the years, raising funds for the Woodland Trust, RNLI, Oxfam and Save the Children.  Some year groups teach modules where raising money for a charity is a natural outcome of the learning.  Last year, for example, Year 4 raised money for Water Aid as part of their PSHE and geography work.

Over the past three years, our school has had a unique partnership with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.  As part of this partnership, the school raises money for the charity.

Our aim is that the children will be engaged in a more hands on, informed approach to charity work and see it as more than a chance to ‘dress up’.

November 2023

Friday 29th September 2023

We raised £134.50 for the MacMillan! Thank you to those who supported.