Y3 Letters and Communication

Parent Pay Communications:

Residential meeting Monday 13th May at 3.30 in 4W 


Dear Parents,


We wanted to provide some guidance about the packed lunch for our upcoming trip to Portsmouth Synagogue, ensuring respect for Jewish dietary laws. Please ensure your child's packed lunch is Kosher. If your child has ordered a school packed lunch, rest assured that it will be Kosher.


Kosher foods are special foods that some people eat because of their beliefs. When packing a lunch that's Kosher, here are some tasty choices you can bring:


- Sandwich options include cheese, tuna, marmite, honey, or jam.

- For snacks, bring fruits like apples, grapes,

- Crisps that don’t contain animal fats. Plain crisps are fine.

- Include vegetables like baby carrots, peppers, celery, or cucumber slices.

- For dessert, you can pack chocolate, just check the labels to make sure they don’t have animal fats. These chocolate bars are all Kosher - Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate, Kinder, Kit Kat, Blue Riband, Twix, Snickers, Mars Bars and Milky Way.  

- Don't forget to bring a juice carton or water to drink.


When following Kosher rules, it's important not to include items made with any meat, poultry or shellfish products, as they are forbidden. Therefore, having a vegetarian lunch box will work well. We are trying to respect the Jewish dietary laws during our visit as we will be eating in the grounds of the Synagogue.


We hope your child enjoys their delicious and Kosher lunch!


Kind regards,

Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Wareham