National Gardens Scheme

June 2023

This year we welcomed 176 adults, 53 children and 6 well-behaved dogs.  Visitors fall into several categories:  those who are avid Yellow Book visitors; prospective parents who leave beaming; the past and present pupils showing the site to family members and the spies from other primary schools who regularly ask for our curriculum! 

We always enjoy the NGS day as it has a gentle vibe to it.  We have so many lovely comments about the grounds but they all have the same sentiment: ‘What lucky children to have a school like this, I wish I had come here as a child.’  We work hard so our grounds are a source of learning and respite in a busy day, and it is good to hear that work is appreciated.  The day also gives us the opportunity to sit with our visitors, have a tea or coffee and a slice of cake, and make new community friends. 

Quotes from NGS visitors:

‘How do I get my child into this school, I’m out of catchment but I know I want her to come here.’


‘This is wonderful, how do you do it? I wish I could go back to school and come here.’


‘I think it’s fantastic that you have teamed up with HIWWT. This shows commitment.’


‘Can I have your environmental science curriculum for my primary school?’


‘Your grounds have changed so much in two years, they are wilder. It’s really nice.’


‘What lucky children to come to a school where they can really learn about the outdoors.’


‘My daughter can’t wait to come in September. She’ll be a new starter and is really enjoying exploring in the trees.’

June 2021