Early Years

At Wicor Primary School we recognise that parents are the first educators in a child’s life. Parents know their child better than anyone else and we want to ensure this fountain of knowledge is shared, so we can provide your child with the best possible start to their school life, with us at Wicor.


We also aim to work closely with other people that know the children very well, this might be extended family members, such a grand parents. We know that grandparents play a valuable role in their child’s life and can also be very involved in their day to day routines.


We have good relationships with our local Pre-School and Nursery settings in Portchester and Fareham, and with local Child-minders. We recognise how important it is to receive as much information as we can about every child to ensure they achieve their full potential at Wicor Primary School. We keep in regular contact with our local Pre-schools and Nurseries and invite them to join us throughout the year to share in our learning experiences.


Starting school is a big step for children and their families, so we plan to ensure this exciting time is successful for everyone.


To find out more about how the government is improving the quality and range of education and childcare please click below.