Wicor Primary School

Wicor Primary School

Year 6

Climate Crisis – Winchester Cathedral 2021

The focus in Year 6 is the COP26, rising temperatures across the globe and what this means. 

The children were introduced to a graphic showing the changes in temperature by looking at the annual mean temperatures of the planet since 1850.  They then wrote an explanation of the data set.  The classes discussed the data and predicted the effect upon the Earth with the rising temperatures for their lifetime.  The causal influences of pollution were identified and discussed at length; rising atmospheric carbon dioxide level due to increased burning of fossil fuels; deforestation; dumping waste in landfill (methane produced); over-consumption of meat and dairy (intensive farming) which leads to the release of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere; volcanic activity (carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere - St Vincent) and solar output.  

The children then wrote a paragraph about their prediction of the effect of rising temperatures of climate change on:


The UK

  • Sea levels could rise, in particular East England.

  • Scottish ski resorts will have to close lack of snow – tourism, economy.

  • Floods; displacement, loss of work.

  • Increased demand for water in hotter summers – increased use of hot tubs. Decreased water

    levels. Wasteful with water.

Around the world

  • Rise in sea level will affect 80 million people.

  • Tropical storms will increase in strength (magnitude).

  • Species in affected areas; e.g. Arctic/Antarctic will be reduced or face extinction; disruption to food


  • Increase in malaria (mosquitos damp areas) an extra 280 million might be affected.

  • Increased fires; deforestation; loss of biodiversity and habitat loss.


Click on the PDF below to find out more about the work undertaken by the children.

As part of our environmental curriculum, the children learn about climate breakdown and gain an understanding of the causes and effects of mankind's activities that have contributed to this.  The children used the pattern and structure of This is The House That Jack Built to construct a poem that explores a chain of consequences that have contributed to the climate emergency.   

What mankind built by Tom

Ice collapsing by Oliver W.mp3

Human’s ruin by Calen.mp3

How climate change happened by Scarlett.mp3

Factory that Elsie built by Elsie.mp3

Forest Fires by Rhys.mp3

Greenhouse Gas by Jake.mp3

Climate consequence by Sophie.mp3

Climate Change by Owen.mp3

Climate Change by Olivia 6N.mp3

Climate Change by Nathanial.mp3

Kangaroo by Leo.mp3

Mankind Created by Megan F.mp3

Nature Disassembled by Charlotte H.mp3

Our world by Amelia.mp3

Our world by William.mp3

Penquins by Daniel.mp3

Raised levels by Ben.mp3

Rich Emma by Emma.mp3

Spilt Concrete by Flo.mp3

The Desolate Penguin by Lauren.mp3

The Factory by Rod.mp3

The Forest by Albie.mp3

The Forest by Myla.mp3

The man who caused the tree to fall by Lois.mp3

The Kangaroo by Ava.mp3

The old cat clan by Elodie.mp3

The place where mankind lived by Grace.mp3

The problem by Teighlor.mp3

The ring back seal by Jemma.mp3

The Warming Antarctic by Rebecca.mp3

The World by James W.mp3

The World Mankind Built by James C.mp3

This is the world that we developed by Charlotte W.mp3

This is the world that we ended by Jack.mp3

This is the... by Tilly.mp3

Turtles by Frankie.mp3

This is the World by Isabelle.mp3

This is the world by Molly.mp3

The World that built Mankind by Zak.mp3

The World that is being destroyed by Brooke.mp3

The world that man is ending by Megan O.mp3

The World that Mankind built by Oliver P.mp3

The world that mankind has by Ramou.mp3

This is Australia by Harry.mp3

This is the coral by Josh.mp3

This is the factory by Caitlin.mp3

This is the factory by Hayden.mp3

This is the forest by George.mp3

This is the forest by Henry.mp3

This is the Ice that Mankind Melted by Archie.mp3

This is the power that man created by Ashton C.mp3

This is the world that mankind built by Cairo.mp3

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