Wicor Primary School

Wicor Primary School


Horticulture is an integral part of the school's environmental curriculum.  Children love to plant things and watch them grow.  They enjoy the fruits of their labours too, whether it be a beautiful patch of flowers or a salad picked fresh from the school allotment.  All the children work in the gardens at some stage whether it be tending the wildflower garden or digging on the allotment.  Our Horticulturalist ensures that the children are given a high quality education and learn about the science which underpins this important subject.


'Harfest' is our seasonal event which brings the school and community together around the shared focus of food and drink. Harfest is part of British Food Fortnight.  During Harfest the children have an opportunity to work alongside chefs and local food producers to learn about food preparation and what food and drink is produced locally.  

Sustainability And Local Produce Are At The Heart Of Wicor Primary School's Harfest

We're in the middle of British Food Fortnight, and at Wicor Primary School in Portchester this means that it's time for their Harfest again. From growing their own food to keeping their own beehives, the school offers plenty of "green" activities for the pupils.

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