Wicor Primary School

Wicor Primary School

Environmental Education

Children have an innate curiosity for their world and in particular they have a strong desire to learn about the natural world.  Children love learning about wild animals and plants and never tire of new information and facts whether it be about the rainforests of Indonesia or the New Forest. Children notice things when they are out and about and these observations lead to questions; questions which are the fuel for deep learning.

At Wicor, our aim is to capitalise on all this learning power by providing a rich and inspiring environmental learning curriculum which encompasses natural history, environmental science and horticulture.  

Environmental Learning

We provide opportunities for our pupils to be actively involved in environmental campaigns and research.

Our Field is Singing - protest song

This song was written to bring to the attention of the community the plight of our neighbouring meadow - Cranleigh Field.  The lyrics were conceived by the Headteacher, Mark Wildman and the Music Leader, Ruth Knight at a staff Christmas lunch and recorded on a napkin.  However, the final product was not only a great song but something that the children really understood and rallied too. Sadly, the fight as eventually lost and the wildlife that once graced this beautiful meadow has gone.  No more roe deer, foxes, badgers, owls and bats.  

In 2016 the older children and some staff watched the film A Plastic Ocean which had just been made by Australian journalist, Craig Leeson.  This film changed the way we thought about our school's relationship with plastic.  We drew up some aims and set out to reduce plastic waste and consumption.

Grounds for Learning

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