Wicor Primary School

Wicor Primary School


The World is Our Curriculum


Young children are naturally very curious about the world around them. There is so much going on, so much to see and to experience. Children ask lots of questions and notice things many of us grown-ups do not. This natural curiosity is a powerful motivator and one we aim to capture in our enquiry-based curriculum wherever we can. We believe that by allowing children’s own interests and questions to guide and drive much of their learning we create a curriculum that motivates and engages children. When children see a purpose to their learning (and what better purpose than finding answers to your own questions) they learn most effectively.


At its heart, our curriculum is designed around planned units of learning called Enquiries. Each Enquiry is based on children's questions, to which the children then seek answers over the course of the unit. These Enquiries not only provide opportunities for the children to learn and develop key skills, knowledge and attitudes but importantly enable them to use and apply them. Each class Enquiry lasts no longer than three weeks so the focus of learning remains sharp.

This provides for an exciting tapestry of learning experiences keeping both the children and teachers motivated and wanting to learn more.


Our curriculum not only meets the requirements of the National Curriculum (September 2014) but provides a much broader and richer set of learning opportunities and experiences. For detailed information on each year group's curriculum please look at the Annual Currciulum Overviews.


For more specific whole school subject information please look at Subject Information.

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