Wicor Primary School

Wicor Primary School

Breakfast & After School Clubs

Breakfast Club


Our Breakfast Club will not be open to everyone during the Autumn Term 2020.


Previously we had spaces for 55 children to attend the Breakfast Club which cost £3.50 per session, with a 50p discount for any siblings attending on the same day, and was open and supervised from 7.30am to 8.45am Monday to Friday, excluding INSET days.


The children enjoyed a breakfast of cereal, toast, croissants, pancakes, waffles and crumpets, all with a choice of toppings, and fruit juice. There were also special or themed days, including a cooked breakfast at the end of each term. Children had to arrive at the Breakfast Club before 8.15am to be served breakfast.


There were a number of supervised activities that children could choose to do after their breakfast, including outside play on dry warm days.


At the end of the session everyone was expected to help pack away before going to their class.

After School Club


Our After School Club will not be open to everyone during the Autumn Term 2020.


After School Club was open from the end of the school day, 3.30pm, until 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding INSET days.


Children could attend every day, or just some days, as long as we knew at the start of every term as spaces were limited to 36 places. Attendance had to be pre-booked at the school office and payment could be made termly or weekly, as long as payment was received prior to your child’s attendance. In some circumstances late or emergency bookings could be accommodated.


After School Club costed £8.50 per day, with a 50p discount for any siblings attending the same session. The staff running the After School Club are employed by the school and a selection of indoor and outdoor activities were provided during the year.


There were no refunds for non-attendance unless your child was unwell and off school.


Children were provided with a light tea consisting of sandwiches, crisps, a selection of fruit or vegetables, yoghurts and squash.

Returning to school on March 8th for all pupils...Information can be found in the Parents and Community Tab...