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Welcome to Wicor

There is no better place to be than in the midst of a busy school, pulsing with the sounds and sights of children immersed in their learning; experiencing those magical moments when the flow of learning washes over everyone and children buzz with ideas, innovative solutions, creative thinking, quirky notions, refreshing views on life and all surrounded by rich colours and sounds.

Wicor Primary School

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Last few days for the chocolate wrappers.  If you need any more Chocolate Pledge Certificates for the Earth Hour campaign please click here.

Listen to our Junior Gardeners' Questions recorded back in October

Eggs from our chickens are available at the office for a minimum donation of £1.20 per half dozen


Wicor is just such a place where learning is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to provide a fantastic range of experiences that we hope will inspire, motivate and engage each and every child. We encourage the children to be nosy and to ask lots of questions because we know that the best learners ask really good questions.

We recognise too, that learning can be a tough business as we move to the edge of our comfort zones. We aim to empower children with the attitudes and habits of mind that enable them to meet the challenges of learning something new or difficult. Children understand that they have to be independent learners but this does not mean they have to get there on their own; learning is a social activity. They learn to work with others whether it be children in their class or children in other parts of the school.

We have lots of aspirations and expectations for each and every child and one small hope always marks each day; we hope that when children leave us at the end of their day in school they can’t wait to come back the next!

Mark Wildman



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